Just lately I have over indulged resulting in gaining a few additional pounds which has made me feel quite self-conscious and uncomfortable.

I was aware of 3D Lipo as I had read about it in a few magazines and seen a few celebs such as Coleen Rooney and Amy Childs. Rumour has it even The Duchess of Cambridge and Kate Middleton have received treatments. If it’s good enough for them then I was definitely having a go.

3D Lipo is a non-evasive, pain free fat reduction treatment which permanently kills a percentage of fat cells in the areas treated.

Firstly as part of my in depth consultation I was measured and photographs were taken of the area to be treated so we could measure and visually compare any results.

I started the treatment with what’s called Cryoeletroperesis, ‘Cryo’ for short. This is used on areas where stubborn fat pockets sit, such as the stomach area, inner thighs, upper arms or areas of back fat.

3d lipo fat lossThe process uses a vacuum cup to suck the flab from the area which holds the content between 2 metal plates and freezes the area down to -6° for up to one hour. This process will kill up to 40% of fat cells that are being held by the vacuum cup.

The experience was quite strange but by no means unpleasant, in fact it took 5 minutes to prepare the area and carry out, then I just chilled out with a couple of magazines and some ‘me’ time while the machine was doing its job. It just felt like I had ice cubes on the area for a short time then went quite numb.

When the area was released from the vacuum cup the area was freezing cold to touch, a little red and still quite numb. By the next day the area had returned to normal temperature and felt completely normal, however I was advised this sensation can last up to 2 months and bruising can occur.Visual results from this part of the treatment can take up to 6 months to see, the fat cells are either converted to energy or gently eliminated through the body’s normal metabolic process.

3d lipo fat lossThe following week I began the next stages of the treatment, Cavitation. This is used for large areas of fatty tissue. The process uses an ultrasound wave to disrupt the membrane of the fat cell. The ultrasound wave creates a vibration within the fat layer, structurally the cells cannot stand this vibration and quickly begin to breakdown. The fat cells like with the Cryo, are converted to energy or gently eliminated through the body’s normal metabolic process. Drinking lots of water between treatments is key to help this process along and to support the kidney function.

Ideally to see the best results a course of 8 Cavitation treatments should be carried out on a weekly basis. I had 5 sessions of Cavitation after my Cryo on a weekly basis, after each session being measured to track results. After only 2 sessions there was a 1inch reduction around my waist.

The Cavitation sessions were really relaxing, it just felt as though I was having a massage in the area while having a chat with my lovely Therapist each time. There was a constant buzzing in my ear and sometimes a little heat in the area but again never uncomfortable.

In regards to diet while having the treatments, I didn’t really change much. I continued with my usual Monday to Thursday quite healthy, fruit for breakfast, salad, soup or small sandwich for lunch, chicken or fish based dinners, easy on the carbs, very little alcohol or sweet treats. Friday to Sunday as usual I ate within reason pretty much what I wanted but did cut back on my alcohol and increased water intake to assist my body in flushing out my dead fat cells.

I stuck to my same eating plan as I wanted to evaluate for definite that it was the treatment giving the results and nothing I had done different.

Results Time… After my initial Cryo and 5 sessions of Cavitation I lost a total of 3.5 inches from around my waist and went down one dress size!!!   I am so pleased with the results from a treatment that is non-invasive, pain free, pleasurable, affordable and available on the high street.

2 months continuing the same eating habits the inches have stayed off and I am still in the smaller dress size. I now plan to have further cavitation sessions on stomach combining Radio Frequency, this is another function available from the 3D Lipo machine. Radio Frequency is used to tighten the skins. It works by heating the deeper dermis of the skin to a constant 40-45° which stimulates the connective tissues that produce collagen and elastin, this in turn increases the process and stimulates new collagen and elastin fibres tightening and firming up the area.

There is also a function on the 3D machine that treats and improves the appearance of cellulite, the results look amazing so this could also be next on my wish list.


3d lipo before 3d lipo before










3d lipo after 3d lipo after