Tired of shaving or waxing? Lets talk laser…

Most of us have done it… worn jeans or a long sleeve top to cover the stubble or the underarm hair in the summer heat, phew. And we have dreamed of what it would be like if we didn’t have to plan our social life around our shaving or waxing appointments!

Well laser hair removal could be the answer. It quickly and permanently reduces unwanted hairs and some people can go years without needing any other form of hair removal after a completed course. Heaven!

And whats more, pretty much any part of your body or face can be treated, the treatments are quick and pain free. Here is what you need to know before you start.

Tanning is a NO NO!

Laser works by the light treating the colour in the hair, if you have colour on your skin the laser is attracted to this instead. This is where trouble can start. Therefore, it is important to not to tan your self, real or fake. You will need to think about your holidays, if you have a holiday coming up make sure you discuss this with your laser specialist so that they can play your treatments around this.

Just Shave

I know you are probably sick of shaving otherwise you wouldn’t be looking into Laser.  However, before each laser treatment the area being treated needs to be shaved! This is because we want the light to focus internally towards the hair follicle and blood supply, not on the hair above the skin. For this reason, you cannot use any form of waxing, plucking or threading, as this removes the internal hair temporarily. Hair removal cream or bleaching must also be avoided at all cost, not only does it make your skin sensitive they contain chemicals which can cause injury or damage to your skin.

On your first visit our laser specialist will need to see your hair,  its colour and thickness, so please do not shave before this. If you are a regular waxer, plucker or threader please allow time for your hair to grow back before having your consultation. After this initial session you can shave as much as you would like between treatments, but you will find the further down the course you are, the less you will need to.

Everyone is Different

We are all unique in our own way. This applies to our hair too; everyone has a different growth cycle which means everyone can respond to laser differently. However, most people will gain their desired results within 6-12 treatments! Only hair that is actively growing is successfully treated, therefore multiple treatments are needed to ensure all active hair follicles are zapped. Dark hair is the easiest to treat as it has a high concentration of melanin, but this doesn’t mean fairer hair can’t be treated, it just takes longer. We have thousands of hair follicles all over our body, some are active, and some are inactive. These inactive follicles can become active when our body experiences a change in hormonal levels. Therefore, a maintenance session could be required, some people will need one every 6 months, others’ every year and some can go even longer.

This is why we always do an in-depth consultation before starting a course of laser hair removal to assess your hair and go into detail about what to expect.

SPF is life

SPF is always needed and when having laser, it really becomes your best friend.

You will need to use an SPF of 30 or higher. We recommend AlumierMD sunscreen as they have an SPF of 40+. Sunscreen will need to be used between treatments and for at least one month after treatments end. Failure to do so can lead to sunburn and hyper-pigmentation of the treated area. If you would like more information on why SPF is an essential product for everyone have a look at our blog Make SPF your BFF

Commitment is Key

There is a reason we only offer laser hair removal in courses, a 1 off treatment will get very limited results. As said before, laser only works on hair that is in the active growing stage of its cycle, so roughly in each session you are treating about 20% of the hair. This means when you begin your course of laser hair removal, a commitment is needed from the very start. Sessions will be between every 4-6 weeks depending on what area is being treated, but this will be discussed with your laser specialist during your consultation.

To book your Virtual Consultation and to find out more information on how laser hair removal can change your life CLICK HERE or contact the Rothwell salon on 0113 393 4281