So why do some people need fewer treatments than others?  For this we need to take a look at the hair growth cycle as laser hair removal can only effectively treat hairs that are in the Anagen or the active hair growth stage in the cycle. This is the when the hair follicle is attached to the papilla (bulb), the time which is best for the laser to attack the papilla and prevent any new growth.

Hair growth is not a constant, but follows a cycle of three phases:

ANAGEN – The active growth phase, where the hair is firmly in the hair bulb, with a good blood supply nourishing the cells to promote hair growth.

CATAGEN – The transition stage and the end of the growth stage, the stage cuts the hair off from its blood supply and from the cells that produce new hair.

TELOGEN – The resting phase during which hair detaches from the follicle and sheds.

Obviously, not all hairs are in the same phase at the same time, or else we would all periodically go completely bald as all of our hair fell out in the Telogen stage. Instead the three phases occur simultaneously, one hair may be in the anagen /growth phase whilst another is in the telogen /shedding phase.  In addition, the duration of the individual phases of hair growth varies from area to area around the body.

Other factors can interfere with the normal life cycle of hair. Including; Age, Blood Circulation, Vitamins and Minerals, Diet, Exercise, Stress, Hormones. 

So to sum-up, the amount of treatment it takes to achieve optimum results is as unique as the individual and the hair growth cycle. It is not something we can put an exact number on, as we can’t physically see what stage of growth any hair is in at any given time, but through experience we know that treatment spread over the recommended time and delivered consistently will achieve great long term results.

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