Laser Hair Removal is without doubt the best way to be hair free! So, many of us have thought about Laser Hair Removal but have never made the commitment to get started! And now we’re in lockdown, some are looking at their unwanted hairs growing longer and longer and wondering why they never took the plunge!

Meanwhile those who have had a course of Laser Hair Removal treatments are chilling out (somewhat smugly) knowing they won’t have to deal with unsightly hair re-growth.  They won’t have to attempt “home hair removal” or deal with unsightly re-growth!

We expect that those who have various methods of temporary hair removal will be looking with horror at the amount of hair that is growing back right now!

But fear not! If you have already “caved and shaved,” you are on the right route to start your Laser Hair Removal journey! Yes, shaving is part of the process!

Does it treat all skin/hair types?

All skin types can be treated. If you have darker hairs these are the most responsive to the treatment, but fairer hairs can be treated too, it may just take longer.

What are the Benefits?

Long-term hair reduction! Saving time and money on year in year out hair removal treatments like waxing or threading.

Is it Painful

No not at all, the treatment is very comfortable! We use the Lynton Initia Laser one of the best lasers on the market, with technology so advanced it makes hair removal virtually pain free, effective and safer than ever before!

How many sessions will it take?

On average 8-10 session are needed but we can’t put an exact number on this as we are all as individual as our hair growth! Read more on why here

Is it expensive?

One misconception of laser hair removal is that it is expensive. Laser hair removal means you no longer need to spend money on monthly waxing appointments or shaving essential. Not only is it financially smarter, it will give you longer lasting results! So initially the outlay is greater but over time you will actually save ££s.

There is no better time than now!

It gets better… We can offer an online consultation and discuss individual requirements and answer any questions whilst we are on lockdown! Which means that once everything is back to normal, we can get started!

Email us at to book your complimentary online consultation!