As we age our skin looses its elasticity and for many there is the desire to tighten the skin in specific areas of the face and body.  3D Lipo Radio Frequency offers targeted skin tightening on your area of concern.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Are you concerned with fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin?

A course of Radio Frequency treatments could be just the thing for you.  Treatments will help to lift, firm and tighten skin by aiding the skins ability to produce elastin and collagen. After your treatment the skin will continue to improve over the coming months, as the collagen and elastin matures to plump the skin revealing a tighter younger looking complexion.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Natural production of collagen and elastin slows down to a virtual stand-still as we get older.

The heat from Radio Frequency stimulates to body to produce collagen and elastin. The heat causes an instant tightening which improves on each subsequent treatment, leaving the skin looking much firmer and tighter.

Radio Frequency simply relies on your own natural healing abilities, meaning the results are much more natural than other cosmetic procedures.

Its relaxing too, almost like a hot stone massage for the face!

Want to know more, contact your preferred salon to see if Radio Frequency is suitable for your concerns.