Waxing Hair Removal Treatments

Welcome skin that is silky smooth to touch with our range of hair removal services. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix wax or long-term results from Electrolysis, you’ll be left stubble-free and looking sensational!

Strip Wax


Whether you’re going  on a break, have a special occasion or just want instantly smooth results that last 4-6 weeks, waxing is the answer. We use quality cream wax, for the quick removal of unwanted body hair.

Lycon Wax

Lycon wax Leeds

We offer a premium waxing service that is designed to make your waxing treatment virtually pain free.

Superb results guaranteed. Lycon wax truly removes hairs as short as 1mm.

Lycon is the perfect choice for sensitive areas, from upper lip to Brazillian waxing we have it covered!



Tried and tested, Electrolysis is a well-established long-lasting solution to hair removal.

Working on individual hairs to eliminate each strand from the follicles, the only permanent hair removal solution .

Electrolysis treats each hair follicle individually with a very fine, disposable, sterile probe to permanently destroy the follicle’s ability to reproduce, thereby over a course of treatments eradicating hair growth. This is a popular method of hair removal for facial hair.


beauty matters eye thread

Originating in India, this popular treatment is a great alternative to waxing or tweezing offering precise results!

Threading allows precise shape and can create amazing definition for eyebrows. It is also used as a method of removing unwanted hair on the entire face and upper lip area.

In threading, a thin thread is rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair from the follicle. Unlike tweezing where single hairs are pulled out one at a time, threading can remove short rows of hair.