A good manicure is truly a girl’s best accessory!

With so many options to choose from such as hard gels (Bio Sculpture, Gellux), hybrid gels (CND Shellac, Jessica Geleration Harmony Gelish,) and Acrylic (CND liquid and powder, Backscratchers Acrylic dip system) how much do we really know about the products being used and removed from our nails?

Each nail treatment is applied differently, for example; most hybrid gels are base, colour and top coat applied like normal polish curing each coat under a UV lamp. Most hard gels are applied much thicker using the gel to build hiding imperfections and giving strength with acrylics being self curing.


It’s not uncommon for different product types and brands to be layered together and between each other therefore in some cases leaving difficult to know what we actually have on our nails and how to remove them safely.

CND (Creative Nail Design) patented the ‘Shellac’ formula which hypoallergenic and fully tested along with leading brands to ensure the safety of the product.

Each nail product contains various quantities of different chemicals therefore to ensure the safeguarding of clients and therapists salons should ensure they have the correct knowledge of the products applied and which products can be used in conjunction to avoid any reactions or damage to the nail plate and surrounding areas.

Recently like many other cosmetics, nail products are being created on the black market and are readily available to anyone online?

What do we know about these products? Have they been through any safety testing? How will they react to the nail plate and surrounding areas? How do we remove these products safely? What condition will the nail plate be in under the product once removed? – None of these we can answer!

A documentary by BBCs Fake Britain covered this recently to really find out what the damages are caused by fake CND Shellac, unfortunately we were unable to get this footage however there are various articles on line reiterating the same information.

Here is just one example……..

An article from the Mail Online explored the damages caused to the nail plate by using fake products http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2909292/How-safe-manicure-budget-nail-salons-using-substance-strong-s-BANNED-US.html

With the safeguarding our clients and therapists in mind Beauty Matters are now only removing nails that have been applied in our salons, this way we can be sure we know the brand/s and authenticity of product on the nails to ensure the correct maintenance and safe removal.