Here at Beauty Matters we have been putting together our top tips to help you de-stress! If your thoughts are racing just now, follow our 7 self-care tips to calm the mind and promote wellness.

Practice Meditation, ommmmm!

The mind can be a weird place. Meditation isn’t about becoming a different person, a new person or even a better person.  It’s about awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective.  If you are new to meditation it can take a bit of practice! You could download “The App” to get you started and find lots of helpful relaxation tips! Namaste.


Start to move more

We all know that exercise does our body good, but we are all too busy and stressed to fit it into our daily routine. But listen up, there’s good news when it comes to exercise and stress – It’s proven that daily exercise reduces stress and produces more “feel good” endorphins whilst reducing the stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. Anything that gets you active and the blood pumping can act as a stress reliever, even if it means putting on some music and dancing like no one is watching!


Switch off your devices

Have a break from your devises! Re-search reveals that social media can greatly affect your mental health. Whats more it is linked to depression, anxiety and poor sleep quality! Constantly looking at social media takes up too much of our headspace! Simply challenge yourself to stay away from anything that sends you notifications.  How about putting an 8pm curfew on devices or maybe start by putting your phone in another room so you don’t automatically pick it up and start scrolling. Now step away from your devices!


Connect with Nature

Order some flower or vegetable seeds online with your grocery or amazon shop and grow them at home from scratch! Growing things and playing with plants and flowers is therapeutic (for some!). Also make sure you spend 30 minutes a day in the garden, or outside to top up your Vitamin D, which is vital for wellbeing and strengthening the immune system.


Make Everyday a Spa day

This is something we can all excel at!  When was the last time you gave yourself a home Facial, Pedicure or even a Body Scrub? Extend your daily skin care routine; add a hair mask or a face mask or treat yourself to a little extra pampering time every day and mix it up a little!



What? Really! Yes! Cleaning and de-cluttering your physical environment actually works to de-clutter your mind.  The list of things to de-clutter can go on and on, from clearing out your wardrobes, your kitchen cupboards, your bedroom to your emails. And what’s more your clutter could be someone else’s treasure so you could earn yourself a few extra £’s from your clear out too.  Start slowly though, one thing at a time, as too much de-clutter enthusiasm could cause more stress!


Stay Connected

Stay in touch with loved ones and make sure you still have remote human interaction. Get creative with the digital world, and plan virtual tours and outings. Schedule things like a virtual Happy Hour or a Zoom Friends Meet-up. Take advantage of online Museum Tours, Zoo Tours, Concerts and other cultural treats that are being shared for free.


Keep a routine

Routine is key to keeping us upbeat. So waking up at a regular time, taking a shower, washing our hair and putting on our makeup signals that things are as they should be!  You may need to re-jig your routine, and that’s okay, but get out of those PJ’s. If you’re dressed for bed, your brain will think its bedtime!

We hope that some of these help, love from Team Beauty Matters xx

If you have any top tips please share with us below or send us an email and we can share them with our followers!