The Botox Free Frown Treatment: Environ Focus Frown Treatment

Environ signature facial

Whether its because we squint at the computer, forget to put on our sunglasses whilst driving, or pull that worried face without even knowing, frown lines are burrowing their way into our foreheads’. So how do we achieve a worry free smooth forehead? Well Botox is definitely one solution, but if you like many are adverse to needles and toxic substances being injected into your face there is another way! Environ Focus Frown Treatment £95


So how does this treatment for frown lines work? Firstly you are treated to thorough cleansing and toning. Then the Environ Focus Frown Serum, along with a vitamin A and C serum, is smoothed onto the lined area. This frown erasing product uses three ingredients: Argireline, to reduce the depth of frown lines caused by repeated facial expressions on the forehead and around the eyes; Leuphasy, to soften and help block muscle contraction; and Vialox,to make muscles less responsive to nerve impulses.


To deliver these active skin-smoothing ingredients into the skin, the Environ Ionzyme machine is used on the forehead and on crow’s feet. This frown fighting tool uses low frequency sound waves to create tiny little channels that allow the face firming serum to penetrate with ease. Next in the Focus Frown Treatment a cool alginate mask is smoothed on the area and electrodes, delivering pulsed galvanic current help the serum sink in further.


For maximum smoothness six Focus Frown Treatments are recommended (once or twice a week) along with Environ at home products. The results, no needle marks, no toxins just a frown free forehead!