Full Body Exfoliating Salt Scrub

Do you imagine yourself walking down the beach with smooth sun kissed skin? An Exfoliating Salt Scrub is the first step to that being a reality!

Massaging mineral rich salts over the skin sloughs off dulling dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking radiant and nourished.

Tanning onto exfoliated skin also helps give a longer lasting tan…. but remember….Be sun aware and regularly apply your sun protection!

The Pedi

No one should leave for holiday without being Pedi prepped! Our feet are constantly on show as we bare all in our flip-flops or walk down the beach bare foot.  There is no excuse for dry hard heels or unpainted toes hanging over the bottom of the sun-loungers!

A full pedicure will tackle dry, hard and flaking skin leaving your feet beach ready! Add Shellac the 14- day gel polish to ensure your toes stay beautifully painted for the whole holiday and beyond!

The Bikini Wax

The only way to be 100% confident in those bikini bottoms! If you know what we mean!

Bikini waxing is available in many different forms from a ‘tidy up’ to ‘the lot off’, whatever your preference our advice is always opt for hot wax. Lycon hot wax is extremely gentle in sensitive areas, and ensures the hair is taken from the root with less hair breakage, resulting in being hair free for longer with less chance of ingrown hairs! Don’t worry if you’re not ready to go all the way you can always try The Brazilian which will make you bikini ready too! 


No one wants black panda eyes as they leave the pool and our worst nightmare is to go mascara free!  Eyelash tinting colours the eyelashes giving the look of mascara. This 15- minute treatment will enhance natural lashes and keep them looking darker for up to 4 weeks.

Lashes can be taken be taken the next level with a lash lift, which includes a tint too!  This fabulous treatment lifts your natural lashes at the root creating the effect of longer, volumised lashes for up to 8 weeks! Amazing lashes with no effort for the whole of your holiday!

Beauty Matter’s solutions to our top 4 recommendations…

ELEMIS Frangipani Cleansing Salt Scrub 40.00

Luxury Shellac Pedicure 39.00

Shellac Pedicure £29.50

Eyelash Tint 15.00

Nouveau LVL Lashes 49.00

Lycon Sphinx Wax (all off) 32.00

Lycon Brazilian Wax 29.00

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