Everything You Need To Know About Thread Veins

And How To Get Rid Of Them!

Broken or dilated blood vessels and redness on the skin is something that many people have to deal with – especially as we age or if we suffer with an inflammatory skin disorder such as rosacea. Look closely at your face and you may see them, they are not uncommon, most of us have them!

Also known as broken capillaries or spider veins? They are tiny prominent veins that are visible through the skin. The interesting thing about broken capillaries is that they aren’t truly broken capillaries, they are just capillaries that have been permanently dilated or stretched beyond their capacity causing the appearance of redness or blotches on the skin!


Why Do We Get Dilated Capillaries

The technical term for dilated capillaries is Telangiectasia and there are a number of reasons we might have them. As we age the skin becomes thinner and the appearance of dilated capillaries becomes more prominent. Lifestyle choices can also contribute to their appearance, things like smoking, spicy foods and extreme sports. Exposure to extreme weather can contribute to their appearance. Not to mention hormonal fluctuations in pregnancy or in the menopause! Our skin is delicate and trauma, something as simple as popping a spot can cause broken capillaries! And lastly look at your parents, if one has them you might be more likely to get them too!


You Only Need To Fix Them If You Are Bothered By Their Appearance!

If they are something that bothers you and you want to get rid, then Advanced Electrolysis is a quick and effective way to send them packing, with little to no downtime!

Advanced Electrolysis involves the accurate positioning of a probe over the blood vessel and applying a quick burst of current to the skin’s surface. The vessel will immediately disappear, redness and swelling is commonly expected after treatment, but is temporary and soon subsides. A course of treatments may be required depending on the size of the area effected.


What More Can I Do?

Remember prevention is better than cure, so a good home care routine is essential to prevent further damage to the capillaries. Take a look at your lifestyle and what you might change to prevent broken capillaries occurring in the first place. 


We can’t stress the importance of a healthy diet and an abundance of Vitamin C.  The Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin VIT C promotes collagen production. This helps to, keep the veins walls flexible and strong whilst also having an anti-inflammatory effect.

AlumierMD Calm-R serum is the perfect product to help to reduce any further dilation or the capillaries, especially from spicy foods. It helps to replenish the skins natural protective barrier whilst calming and soothing, reducing the redness.

If you would like to know more, we now offer an online consultation

Real Life: Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes red, flakey, patches of skin covered with silvery, whitish scales. Patches commonly appear on the elbows and knees, scalp and lower back, but they can appear anywhere on the body. Psoriasis affects about 2% of the population and affects men and women equally. 

Sufferers not only have to deal with the physical effect of this condition but for some it can have a negative impact on their confidence and mental health!

We were so pleased to work with our client Nicole, to achieve some amazing results for her. Nicole was prescribed a personal homecare plan using Environ products and supplements from the Advanced Nutrition Programme. She was the perfect client and used her products as instructed every day and we think with her commitment shows in the results achieved! Here is what Nicole had to say:

“I’ve been suffering with my skin condition for as long as I can remember. I’ve had several hospital appointments, seen several doctors and tried so many treatments for which none have worked. I didn’t have the best start to this year; I became very stressed, my anxiety and mental health was through the roof & I didn’t want to leave the house or do anything which just made it extremely worse. Some days it would be in the best condition & then the next I’ll be in the worst pain ever. I’ve been using products provided by Beauty Matters from a company called Environ Skin Care & Advanced Nutrition Programme - The Skincare Supplement who specialise in skin, as well as a prescribed topical steroid gel from my doctor. I’ve been using these for only 8 weeks & I’ve seen the biggest difference in my skin in the last 2 months than I ever have in the past 18 years I’ve had the skin condition. I’ve gained so much more confidence in myself as well as my body. Through all this I’ve learnt that you shouldn’t let your flaws and imperfections define who you are.”

Working with clients who have Psoriasis and achieving amazing results for them makes our role as Skincare Professionals so rewarding. The ability to improve someone’s skin condition so much so that it has a positive impact on their quality of life is incredible!


Online Consultations Now Available

How about some one-to-one time with our Skincare Professional from the comfort of your own home? Whether you need specific skincare, professional treatment advice or a skincare review, this is the perfect choice.

But we are not stopping there we are also offering this service for Laser hair Removal too. So if you have any questions or simply want to know if laser hair removal is right for you, this is for you!

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It couldn’t be simpler.  We look forward to chatting with you and helping you achieve glowing skin, or to be hair free!

Lockdown Skin - It's A Thing

Surely the chance to wear less makeup and escaping the pollution of our daily work commute should translate to amazing skin. Our skin should be thriving, right? But for some the opposite is true! Lets look at a few things that could be causing you to have Lockdown Skin!


Stressed Out!

Stress is definitely a contributing factor to breakouts! When we are stressed we produce more of the stress hormone cortisol. When your cortisol levels go up your skin will produce excess sebum, the skins natural oil. This can cause breakouts on your face and body!


Not Getting Out Enough!

Lockdown has limited our outdoor time, meaning we could be getting less Vitamin D, an essential vitamin, important for healthy skin and a health immune system too! If we can’t get outside as much as we are used to, our skin will become unhappy! It’s important to get outdoors, even if it’s just for a walk around the block!


Lack Of Exercise

Lack of routine and feeling less motivated can reduce our desire to exercise. It’s easier sometimes, to sit on the sofa and binge watch Netflix! (I must admit The Last Kingdom has been amazing!) But seriously exercise is a great stress reducer! It makes us feel energised, improved our circulation, supplies our skin with essential nutrients. It also promotes the removal of toxins resulting in improvements in the overall health of our skin.


Poor Eating Habits And A Teeny Weeny Bit More Alcohol!

We are stuck at home and boredom might be setting in! This is when the fridge and the wine bottle start calling our name! And bad habits don’t take long become the norm! Try to make healthy choices, with an occasional treat.  Limit your sugars! These are in abundance in snacks and alcohol. Sugar is known to cause inflammation, (and ageing!) which can lead to breakouts too!


Changes In Your Habits

Most of us have taken this opportunity to be a bit more thorough with our skin care routine. Breezing through numerous facemasks and skin scrubs several times a week! But using too many products can be part of the problem. Keep it simple. Less is sometimes more! Also avoid picking, squeezing and poking at breakouts too, this can lead to infection and pigmentation!


What Can We Do?

Get at lease 30 minutes outdoor time every day, more if you can. This is a great way to make sure you produce enough vitamin D. Your can take a supplement too if you are not getting enough outdoor time! (We recommend the Advanced Nutrition Programme; speak with one of our therapist to get your personal prescription) Twin this with your daily exercise, get moving and you will see an overall improvement in your skin.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drink lots of water it will help flush out toxins and keep your bowel movements regular. It will also re-hydrate after the occasional tipple too! Be sure to up your intake if you have had a few too many bevvies the previous day!


Try to relax more often read our blog on ways to de-stress


A great rule to stick to when it comes to making good food and drink choices is the 80/20 Rule. Be good 80% of the time, and make healthy choices, limiting snacks and alcohol. Have what you want for the remaining 20% within reason of course!


Sometimes less is more, so keep your skincare routine simple! Consistency is key! If what you are doing is not taking you closer to your skincare goals, stop, re-evaluate and get back on track. If your would like an Online Consultation with one of our Skin Pro’s please email us hello@beautymattersleeds.co.uk

Turbo Charge Your Skincare Results!

Turbo Charge Your Skincare Results!

Micro-Needling At Home Gives You The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Results

Great looking, healthy skin is now much easier that ever. You can get even better results from your skincare by micro-needling at home with the Cosmetic Roll-CIT from Environ.

So most of us have heard about Micro-needling but what exactly is it?

It’s a minimally invasive skincare treatment that uses a hand held roller called a Roll-Cit. The Roll-Cit has 108 ultra fine needles! Sounds scary and painful, but these tiny little needles can barely be felt.

The fine needles make temporary micro channels by piercing the skin’s surface layer of dead cells, which normally prevents the goodness in our skincare creams from penetrating. Gently needling the skin dramatically increases the penetration, absorption and effectiveness of the vitamins, peptides and antioxidants that are applied afterwards.

Daily use of the Cosmetic Roll-CIT at home for just a few minutes, in combination with active Environ skincare products, softens fine lines and wrinkles and pigmentation marks and scarring are reduced.

Here’s the science bit!

Research indicates that with simple topical application anything from just 0.1 to 7.2% of vitamin A applied to the skin penetrates down to the level of keratinocytes– the skin’s building block cells.   By micro-needling the skin and then applying the product, the amount of large molecules that can penetrate is increased by 10,000 fold, boosting production of collagen – hence the CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) in the name of the tool.  Skin becomes thicker after 10-12 weeks of regular use and continues to improve further after this.


How to do it...

The treatment involves rolling the device vertically, horizontally and diagonally over the skin for just five minutes.  This creates multiple micro channels in the layer of compact, dead cells that normally protects the skin.

The roller is used at night after cleansing and toning the face and neck and before applying your Environ moisturiser, two to seven times per week.  It is also ideal for plumping and firming loose skin in areas such as arms, abdomens, buttocks and thighs.


When Can I get started?

The Roll-CIT is usually recommended to those who have been on the Environ vitamin A skincare for a while.  This is because needling allows active ingredients to penetrate much more effectively, increasing their potency.  Which is a good, right! But irritation and redness can develop if used by those whose skin is not ready for it. So, we recommend that you have been using Vitamin A for at least 8 weeks before you start with your Roll-Cit. That you introduce it gradually.   2-3 times a week for a couple of minutes, building up to every night for around 5 minutes.

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Collagen The New Skincare Buzzword

Collagen is the buzzword in the skincare world at the moment and its no secret that it’s essential for great looking skin! So what is it, and how do we get it?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It gives structure to our skin, bones, muscles and tendons. Collagen is responsible for maintaining the firm, smooth appearance of our skin, making it strong, resilient and elastic. It’s safe to say we like it.... but what we don’t like is that collagen depletes after the age of twenty. Yes, TWENTY, and it’s this reduction that will cause wrinkles and eventually sagging!

Many of us are on the lookout for ways to reverse the obvious effects of collagen loss. Just because it’s natural to have less collagen as we age, it doesn’t mean we should put up with it! There are actually a great many ways to increase collagen levels, here are out top picks!

Opt For A Professional Treatment!

If you really are serious about increasing your collagen levels, opt for a long-lasting, effective treatment. Radio Frequency promotes accelerated collagen production, and continues to work even after the treatment has ended. Radio Frequency helps to firm, lift and contour ageing skin.

Take the guesswork out of getting results and let our Skincare Experts customise a professional skincare treatment for you to increase collagen production with an Environ Skincare Treatments or an AlumierMD Peel No nonsense treatments and homecare to deliver your optimum skin health! 

Try A Supplement

Opt for a collagen boost from the inside out! But remember not all supplements are created the same.  Make sure you opt for a premium range such as The Advanced Nutrition Programme. Try Skin Collagen Support Plus  - it supports collagen productions and contains a powerful cocktail of vitamins to help keep skin smooth, plump and youthful.

Skincare With Vitamin A

Use a topical vitamin A to increase your skins collagen production.  Look for Retinol; a derivative of vitamin A in your product ingredients, proven to effectively stimulates collagen synthesis in naturally aged skin! We highly recommend AlumierMD and Environ skincare.

If you want to know more about getting more collagen, contact us about a Digital Consultation @ hello@beautymattersleeds.co.uk

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Lash Removal

Lashes should be removed by your lash tech, but if this isn’t an option here is what to do:

This should work well with lashes that are at end of life or where only a few lashes remain.

  1. Wash your face as usual, making sure not to scrub at the eye area.
  2. Fill a bowl with steaming hot water, place your face over it, and drape a large towel over your head. Remain this way for 10-15 minutes. The steam treatment will help loosen the bonds of the eyelash extension glue.
  3. Dip a cotton bud, in Environ Pre Cleansing oil ( Olive oil if you don't the pre-cleanse) have and gently swipe your lash line making sure not to get any of the oil in your eyes. Leave the olive oil to penetrate for a few minutes.
  4. Do not pull or tug at the lashes, gently remove with a cotton bud, they should just slide off.
  5. If they are not coming away easily, repeat step 3-4
  6. Apply lash conditioner and Revitalash Growth Serum and watch those natural lashes fill out and lengthen over the next few weeks.

Let us know how you get on, or if you have tried any other method that has worked well!

Lash conditioner and Revitalash are available for home delivery, just drop us an email and we can get them sent to your home address.

Make SPF Your BFF

Most of us are on a mission to have a fresh, glowing complexion; we do all the right things like using great skincare, eating a healthy diet, drinking lots of water and exercising regularly.  But, wearing an SPF is not always on our list of priorities. So, here is why wearing SPF is our no1 anti-ageing skincare tip!

Many of the visible signs of ageing are caused by the sun!

Sunscreens are the skins first line of defense against premature aging from UV light. Regular use of sunscreen protects the skin against photo aging that includes pigmentation, loss of elasticity and wrinkling. Not mentioning protection against sunburn and skin cancer!

The sun is strong even when it’s not out!

Even on the cold grey days, that we see far too often, UV rays are still present. And what’s more, there is also a hidden danger indoors in the form or Blue light from our electronic devises!

Sunscreen protects every skin type!

No skin is exempt from the damaging effect of sun exposure. While people with fair skin are more likely to suffer the negative effects of sun exposure, darker skins also needs daily SPF for the safety of their skin.

You have more choice than ever!

Gone are the days of pasty white zinc oxide sitting on our skin. Most modern sunscreen particles give invisible sun protection. The options are many, from a lightweight, a tinted or a full almost foundation style cover!

We recommend a Physical or Mineral sunscreen

The benefits of a physical sunscreen are:

  • It is Less likely to irritate a sensitive skin because its ingredients aren’t absorbed into the skin,
  • Sits on the skins surface and reflects and scatters UV rays.
  • Protects immediately after application.
  • It can be reapplied over make-up.
  • Filters blue light too! Bonus!

Now hand me the sunscreen!

We would love to talk SPF with you Email or Dm us! Why not book in for a complimentary skincare consultation?

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Everyone’s Talking About Retinol

Our No.1 skincare recommendation is always going to be “Wear SPF! Seriously!” But our second is “Use Retinol”

When it comes to reversing the signs of ageing skin, Retinol is hands down the ingredient you should be looking out for.  It has the power to accelerate skin renewal and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin A has long been a hot ingredient in the skincare industry, with many brands using it as one of their main weapons for fighting the signs of ageing, Acne and Pigmentation and sun damage.

The main thing you need to know is that you don’t need a high concentration to get the benefits. If you are new to retinol we recommend you start low and work your way up.  Slathering on retinoid creams won’t only cause you to quickly use up your supply, but it can also cause redness, dryness and irritation, so always follow the advice of your skincare professional.

The benefits of this wonder ingredient are:

  • Promotes skin’s natural moisturising factor and gives a radiant glow
  • Strengthens skin’s outer layer to keep it firm
  • Stimulates the production of natural protein to keep the skin looking healthy
  • Supports the skin’s immune system and help prevent breakouts
  • Promote collagen and elastin production

We can always tell when someone is using Retinol. They will have that dewy, fresh-faced look, like they’ve just had a facial! It is by far one of the best ingredients you can have in your skincare tool box!

Want to learn more? Speak with our Skincare Pro’s! You can book an online consultation or why not book on our next Environ Expert Event and have a full Skin Analysis?

Beauty Matters

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Can I Eat My Retinol?

Glowing skin is always in!

But did you know that what we eat could make all the difference to how our skin looks. Our outward skin health tells a story of what is happening on the inside! It spills the beans on whether you are making good or bad food choices!

Most of us have been there, the morning after the night before, too much alcohol, caffeine, sugar or processed foods and the tell tale signs appear! Our skin becomes puffy or dehydrated, and we wonder how those lines and wrinkles got there overnight!  All signs that our diet (and lifestyle choices) may be affecting our skin! And what’s more, the more we do it, the longer the effects of our bad choices last!

So lets turn this around! One of the best things we can do for our skin health is use nutrition to our advantage!  Of all of the vitamins, vitamin A is known to be the most important for maintaining optimum levels of skin health and function.  So a nutrient rich balanced diet with foods rich in Vitamin A could be just the ticket!


The Benefits Of Vitamin A In The Diet

  • It’ll give you glowing skin
  • It keeps your eyesight healthy
  • Protects against premature ageing and wrinkles
  • It keeps your immune system in tip-top shape
  • It protects the mucus membranes in our respiratory system


Which Vitamin A Rich Foods Should I Eat?

Vitamin A (in the form of retinyl palmitate) is found in foods such as Beef, chicken livers, Eggs, Fish oils, whole milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese and butter.

The body can actually make vitamin A from beta-carotene and other carotenoids. These are fat-soluble nutrients found in fruits and vegetables that give them their colour. These include most dark-green leafy vegetables and deep yellow/orange vegetables, fruits, sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin and other winter squashes, cantaloupe, apricots, peaches, and mangoes.


There You Have It!

Now, we all know that following a balanced nutritionally rich diet is not going to happen all of the time, the odd night on the town, or sugar binge is going to happen! Life sometimes gets in the way! A good rule to stick to is to follow a healthy eating plan at lease 80% of the time! And if in doubt take a supplement!

If your struggle with some of the foods on the list a supplement such a Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Vit A can provide you with your daily dose of Vitamin A.

So there you are, get munching away to achieve a glowing and happy skin!

If you require any further supplement advice, please contact us and speak with one of our Skincare Pro’s who will be happy to talk you through your options.