We all want the glow, especially at this time of year when winter has bitten hard and spring is on the horizon. While we can’t change the weather, we can help you to ensure your skin routine contains glow boosting enzymes. A softer way to exfoliate enzymes work very gently to brighten, smooth, fight dullness and clear the way for other products to penetrate more easily.


How enzymes work

In skincare products, they are usually derived from fruit like papaya and pineapple or vegetables like pumpkin. Enzymes in skincare work to break down the keratin protein that bonds dead skin cells together. We like to explain how they work by imagining our skin is a plane of wood (just go with it!) So, scrubs and acid exfoliators work like sandpaper on the wood to get it ultra-smooth and even, while enzymes work like a polish, really making the wood pop. Enzymes work on the uppermost layer of the skin, leaving it soft and smooth while respecting the skin barrier.


Adding enzymes to your skin routine

Our AlumierMD Enzymatic Peel is a powerful at-home treatment that combines fruit enzymes with lactic acid. It’s an ideal prep treatment as it helps to boost radiance by effectively removing dead skin cells and revealing newer, younger, brighter skin cells. It also contains sodium hyaluronate and vitamin B5 which work to strengthen and pull in water for plump, supple and glowing skin. Oily skin types might prefer AlumierMD Refining Clay Mask which combines naturally absorbent clays with fruit enzymes and lactic acid to enhance skin turnover for smoother, brighter skin.


Strategic formulas

Every AlumierMD product is packed with multiple active ingredients, but unlike other products on the market, AlumierMD products are formulated to strategically work together in multiple ways, so you hit your skin goals sooner. For example, their Refining Clay Mask uses clay to deeply cleanse, but also employs enzymes for smooth, polished skin. The AHA Renewal Serum uses lactic acid to exfoliate but supports the new skin it reveals with sodium hyaluronate and vitamin B5. Plus, the entire range works together in synergy, meaning multiple AlumierMD products in your routine give your skin even more benefits.


Professional treatments

Enzymes are really a good way to enhance your skin treatments, and we often recommend the Enzymatic Peel as part of your skincare regime in the weeks leading up to skin appointments as it helps to prevent a build-up of dull, dead skin. The professional Enzyme Retexturizing Treatment is a fantastic brightening treatment, ask your skin professional now and book in for brighter, radiant skin this spring.


For personalised advice on adding enzymes to your skin routine, there’s no one better than your skincare professional who will be able to give you specific advice for your skin needs.


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