Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes red, flakey, patches of skin covered with silvery, whitish scales. Patches commonly appear on the elbows and knees, scalp and lower back, but they can appear anywhere on the body. Psoriasis affects about 2% of the population and affects men and women equally. 

Sufferers not only have to deal with the physical effect of this condition but for some it can have a negative impact on their confidence and mental health!

We were so pleased to work with our client Nicole, to achieve some amazing results for her. Nicole was prescribed a personal homecare plan using Environ products and supplements from the Advanced Nutrition Programme. She was the perfect client and used her products as instructed every day and we think with her commitment shows in the results achieved! Here is what Nicole had to say:

“I’ve been suffering with my skin condition for as long as I can remember. I’ve had several hospital appointments, seen several doctors and tried so many treatments for which none have worked. I didn’t have the best start to this year; I became very stressed, my anxiety and mental health was through the roof & I didn’t want to leave the house or do anything which just made it extremely worse. Some days it would be in the best condition & then the next I’ll be in the worst pain ever. I’ve been using products provided by Beauty Matters from a company called Environ Skin Care & Advanced Nutrition Programme – The Skincare Supplement who specialise in skin, as well as a prescribed topical steroid gel from my doctor. I’ve been using these for only 8 weeks & I’ve seen the biggest difference in my skin in the last 2 months than I ever have in the past 18 years I’ve had the skin condition. I’ve gained so much more confidence in myself as well as my body. Through all this I’ve learnt that you shouldn’t let your flaws and imperfections define who you are.”

Working with clients who have Psoriasis and achieving amazing results for them makes our role as Skincare Professionals so rewarding. The ability to improve someone’s skin condition so much so that it has a positive impact on their quality of life is incredible!