Glowing skin is always in!

But did you know that what we eat could make all the difference to how our skin looks. Our outward skin health tells a story of what is happening on the inside! It spills the beans on whether you are making good or bad food choices!

Most of us have been there, the morning after the night before, too much alcohol, caffeine, sugar or processed foods and the tell tale signs appear! Our skin becomes puffy or dehydrated, and we wonder how those lines and wrinkles got there overnight!  All signs that our diet (and lifestyle choices) may be affecting our skin! And what’s more, the more we do it, the longer the effects of our bad choices last!

So lets turn this around! One of the best things we can do for our skin health is use nutrition to our advantage!  Of all of the vitamins, vitamin A is known to be the most important for maintaining optimum levels of skin health and function.  So a nutrient rich balanced diet with foods rich in Vitamin A could be just the ticket!


The Benefits Of Vitamin A In The Diet

  • It’ll give you glowing skin
  • It keeps your eyesight healthy
  • Protects against premature ageing and wrinkles
  • It keeps your immune system in tip-top shape
  • It protects the mucus membranes in our respiratory system


Which Vitamin A Rich Foods Should I Eat?

Vitamin A (in the form of retinyl palmitate) is found in foods such as Beef, chicken livers, Eggs, Fish oils, whole milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese and butter.

The body can actually make vitamin A from beta-carotene and other carotenoids. These are fat-soluble nutrients found in fruits and vegetables that give them their colour. These include most dark-green leafy vegetables and deep yellow/orange vegetables, fruits, sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin and other winter squashes, cantaloupe, apricots, peaches, and mangoes.


There You Have It!

Now, we all know that following a balanced nutritionally rich diet is not going to happen all of the time, the odd night on the town, or sugar binge is going to happen! Life sometimes gets in the way! A good rule to stick to is to follow a healthy eating plan at lease 80% of the time! And if in doubt take a supplement!

If your struggle with some of the foods on the list a supplement such a Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Vit A can provide you with your daily dose of Vitamin A.

So there you are, get munching away to achieve a glowing and happy skin!

If you require any further supplement advice, please contact us and speak with one of our Skincare Pro’s who will be happy to talk you through your options.