By now, you’re probably aware of the dangers from UVA & UVB to your skin, however, did you know that there is another ‘Silent Ager’ damaging your skin? Blue Light!


What Is Blue Light?

Blue Light is the bright light the emanates from our digital devices; our computers, tablets, smartphones and televisions, even fluorescent light bulbs.


How Can It Damage My Skin?

Although the research into this is still in it’s early stages, the evidence gathered so far is suggesting that over exposure to blue light can have the same effect on your skin as being directly in the sun! Blue light is thought to effect the production of collagen and elastin by penetrating the skin and causing DNA damage and inflammation, which could increase the likelihood of showing the signs of ageing sooner.


It is also though to effect our skin as we sleep – if you are exposed to blue light at night it is thought to impact on the skins natural nightime repair process!


So What Can We Do To Prevent Blue Light Damage?

Screen time reports can make for dismal reading and according to Ofcom, we’re spending more than a day a week online. People are, on average, online for 24 hours a week, twice as long as 10 years ago. And those are the figures for mobile devises, not taking into account the time spent on the computer, or in front of the tv!


While the idea of reducing our screen time might not seem possible, there are other alternatives; such as: Turning down the screen brightness, this will reduce the amount of blue light being emitted. You can also use ‘Tech Sheilds’ that can be attached to your device which will have a similar effect. You can also try to avoid bright screens beginning 2-3 hours before your go to bed!


The temptation may be to use a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays, but this won’t defend against blue light unless it contains a ‘physical’ mineral sunscreen like iron oxide.


What Can I Do To Protect My Skin?

Apply a physical sunscreen like Environ’s RAD Antioxidant Sunscreen which will filter out those damaging blue lights. Speak with our Skincare Pro’s or why not book on our next Environ Expert Event and have a full Skin Analysis including a Skin Scan?

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